A heart-stirring experience to visit on a spring evening, the old private house opera <Adachi Hime> Prelude Concert will be held on April 27, 2024 in Adachi-ku, Tokyo.





On this special evening, a moving performance of a new piece, “Kakuzakura,” and other pieces based on local folklore will be performed in a 90-year old house. We hope you will enjoy the combination of soprano Tomomi Watanabe and pianist Naho Arioka in a concert that blends the traditional and the modern.





The story of Princess Adachi, loved by people since the Edo period, will be revived in the modern age. This attempt to reintroduce the charm of Japanese culture to the world through this prelude concert is a must-see event for culture lovers and music fans. A special craft beer inspired by Princess Adachi will also be available at the venue. This beer, along with the aroma of cherry blossoms and tea leaves, will add even more color to the rich night of music.


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The location is only a 3-minute walk from Kita Senju Station.


Please come to this one-night-only Prelude Concert to welcome the arrival of spring with beautiful music.